Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Santa Revealed -- Sorta! And Other Holiday Musings" by Rose Lucas

December, 2016

In the last issue of the Compass, NNA newsletter, there was a picture of Santa leaving the Yeary’s house on Elsmere Park.  Santa had been busy that day and had visited a lot of children on Elsmere Park, including my grandchildren.  Then, so the children would not see where Santa went, Santa went through Spence Alley, south, to the workshop on the Park, but did not have the key to the gate to get into the backyard.  So, Santa began to climb over the 6 foot high chain link fence, and got STUCK!  Along came one of our neighborhood travelers, and ask “Hey, Santa, do you need help?”  Never daunted by any task or challenge, Santa refused help and eventually got over the fence without damaging any clothing.  Santa has never lived down the experience and is frequently reminded by some of us about the adventure.

The holiday season seems shorter this year – I think when Christmas is on Sunday, it just makes everything seem closer to Thanksgiving.  Some of my neighbors have put their candles in the windows, and others are working on it.  I would love to see candles in many windows in the Northside.  The lights are such a welcoming sign for our part of town.

While leaf collection is not a holiday “musing”, it astounds me that we have so many leaves still in the streets, particularly since we are constantly reminded not to put them in the streets so as to not clog up storm sewers.  Of course, many leaves on our street had not fallen when the leaf vacuum truck appeared on a trash collection day…so many leaves were not collected due to Herbies, Rosies and Lennies in the street and such a late fall.  I do not remember a time when we have had so much leaf clutter in all the streets of our neighborhood.  I hope we all can work toward cleaning up this clutter.

No matter how you celebrate the December holidays, I hope all have a wonderful season.  Enjoy!

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